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Книга: Західний світ - щоденні читання з географії (Quam і Campbell)

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    This text is designed as a "intellectual devotional" -daily brief readings on essential geographic subjects to help students better understand the world in a fun, engaging way. This essay collection is organized by matrix. One side of the matrix consists of five regions: North America, Pacific Realm, Europe, Latin American and Caribbean (LACAR), and the Russian Domain.  The other side of the matrix has eight topical categories of Geography: cultural, economic, historical, physical, political, population, regional, and urban. Each essay is written to help students develop a fundamental understanding of the chosen topic. This book includes maps developed by COD Geographical Information Systems students and contributed essays by scholars from a variety fields such as political science, anthropology, psychology, and more. 

    Мініатюра: Кремлівських церков — Фото від Joel Weigand